I have to be honest, I love the legend of Bigfoot. The idea that a bunch of huge, hairy, human-like primates has been staying hidden from humans for the last 100 years is intriguing to me. When you look at it just on the surface, it is plausible. Scientists make new species discoveries all the time.

I have even had what my friends and I call our "Bigfoot Experience" on a camping trip in college. Four of us were camping in central Kentucky and about 3 a.m. we heard something large in the woods outside our campground, it was large and made kind of snorting sounds. It circled our camp three or four times, cracking sticks and getting closer. One of my friends, Tom, pulled a pistol out of his backpack and fired two shots into the air. Whatever it was ran off into the trees and we didn't hear anything the rest of the night. In the morning we didn't see any "bigfoot footprints", but we could see where something large had run through the trees breaking branches and trampling down the undergrowth. Did we have a Bigfoot experience? I don't know....maybe? Or it could have been a large deer, or bear or just someone messing with us. I'd like to think it was Bigfoot drawn to our campfire to investigate what these humans were up to.

So, if you want to find or have your own Bigfoot sighting...you're living in the right place. Upstate New York is the "Bigfoot Capital Of The East Coat" according to The Travel Channel. They rank New York State as the 5th best place to have a Bigfoot sighting.

There is a website called The Bigfoot Researchers Organization that tracks all the Bigfoot sightings all over the United States. According to their website, these are the number of Bigfoot sightings in the Capital District.

Albany – 1
Columbia – 1
Greene – 0
Rensselaer – 3
Saratoga – 0
Schenectady – 0
Warren – 13
Washington –  10

The epicenter of the East Coast Bigfoot sighting is Whitehall, New York where police officer Bryan Gosselinl in 1976, spotted a giant creature he couldn’t identify on Abair Road. Some of Gosselin's fellow officers, as well as his father and brother Paul all saw something they couldn't fully explain over the course of several days.

Bigfoot tracks were found on the edge of the river near the field where it was spotted. All of the descriptions gathered by Gosselin in his 2018 book, “Abair Road The True Story,” include accounts of the animal being between 7-8 feet tall with a weight approaching 400 pounds. To Bigfoot researchers, it's considered one of the most creditable accounts of the creature.

Some bad news for Squachers in the area. The 5th Annual Sasquatch Festival and Calling Contest scheduled for Sept. 26 in Whitehall has been canceled due to the coronavirus.

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