New York State is no stranger to Bigfoot sightings, and now one legendary creature is on the move.

Bigfoot is one of those elusive creatures that seems to have a story in every single part of the United States. New York is included in that with several tales of mysterious "ape-like" creatures roaming the woods.

Whitehall, NY has even gone as far to name Bigfoot its official animal.

The Wildman of New York was spotted numerous times in the North country and has become an urban legend.

Another creature that is known here in New York state is the legendary Kinderhook Monster. A new book just recently came out detailing author Bruce Hallenbeck's experience with this cryptid.

It is described as a massive ape-like creature with reddish brown fur.

Bruce says that the Kinderhook Monster terrorized his family for years. They would hear screams and other noises from the woods. Now he says that same creature is most likely on the move and headed south.

In a new interview with The Sun, Bruce says that sightings of the creature have slowed down in his area. However sightings of a very similar creature have picked up south of Kinderhook.

I think may it may have moved south because there are more reports in Dutchess County - Bruce Hallenbeck

Is the Kinderhook Monster dangerous? Hallenbeck says no. He believes the fear comes from the noises it makes and the fact that it will leave dead animals on your property.

If you happen to reside in Dutchess County and you've had your trash gone through or other odd things happen, keep your eyes open because it could very well be this legendary Hudson Valley sasquatch.

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