Have you ever walked by a pet store in a mall or strip mall shopping center and stopped in to see the cute animals they are selling? Well, that might be coming to an end in New York...and that's a good thing. Most of the pet stores that sell dogs, cats, and rabbits get those animals from professional breeders. Some of those breeders are puppy mills that just churn out as many animals as they can. Often times keeping them in unsanitary conditions without veterinary care and are often sick when the pet stores receive them.

The New York Senate has proposed a bill intended to stop the "puppy mill" pipeline. If this bill passes the Assembly pet store will no longer be able to get pets to sell from professional breeders and puppy mills. Instead, pet stores will be able to offer dogs, cats, and rabbits from rescue groups like the Humane Society and breed-specific rescues.

I am a huge dog lover and actually have four dogs and have had about 20 dogs and cats in my lifetime. All of them, except one, were rescues. In fact one of our dogs, Yogi, a Labradoodle came from a puppy mill by way of the humane society. He was born in a barn and put in a cage that was part of a stack of cages 10 feet high. He was kept in a dirty cage without any socialization and no access to veterinary care. The local Humane Society raided the property, seized the dogs, and nursed them back to health and adopted them out. We were lucky enough to get him. He had a lot of issues, both health and behavioral, due to the conditions he was raised in. If that puppy mill hadn't been raided Yogi would have ended up in a pet store.

Steve King - Townsquare Media
Steve King - Townsquare Media

Hopefully, this bill to end dogs, cats, and rabbits from commercial breeders to be sold at pet stores will pass into law. It will hopefully stop the flow of puppy mill pets and also help get more rescue pets adopted.

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