A superintendent at a Massachusetts high school has canceled a planned 'whiteout' fundraiser soccer game after enough people complained. Why you ask?  Because words matter according to the super, and the term 'whiteout' was deemed racially insensitive.

The soccer game, according to News 10 ABC, was to be played in Wymouth, Mass but was shut down.  According to the report, the planned fundraiser would result in players and fans dress in as much of the color white as possible.  It's rather common and looks pretty cool actually.  That goes for any color, not just the white ones! Yet, racially insensitive according to some people.

Man, things are really getting out of control.  When we lose power, the affected area is said to be experiencing a 'blackout'.  Is this term racially insensitive?  I don't know about you but the last thing I think about is the color of someone's skin tone when I'm focused on getting my damn lights turned back on and my internet working.

Welcome to 2019: What are we offended by today? Look, I'm far from perfect.  I procrastinate. I can be extremely stubborn and impatient and I'm not the best when it comes to saving money to name a few.   But if there's one thing I am not...it's  insensitive. I'm way too flawed, insecure and vulnerable at times to not be sympathetic to another man or woman's plight. Actually, I feel like over the years I've sharpened my skill-set when it comes to identifying things that will rightfully upset people as well as the things that people should just chill the heck out about.  This 'whiteout' definitely falls in the category of 'chill the heck out'.

Times are tough at high school's these days.  Money and budgets are tight. Looks like the soccer team is going to have to raise funds some other way.  As long, of course, as no one gets offended.

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