You couldn't go anywhere over the weekend without hearing someone mention "Cuomo Chips", the inexpensive menu item added recently to Harvey's in Saratoga. The cheap chips became a hit after the Governor announced last week that in order to for customers to drink at a bar or restaurant, it must be accompanied by some sort of food order as well. The low-cost chips were such a hit, that the restaurant ran out of them, forcing them to find something else to serve.

According to a report by CBS 6 News, "Cuomo Chips" became such an overnight sensation that Harvey's in Saratoga started selling pretzel bites as an affordable accompaniment with your adult beverage.  According to the report, Harvey's who sold the pretzel bites for just a buck, should be back with a full compliment of "Cuomo Chips" on Tuesday.

In a Facebook post by the restaurant, they mixed a little humor with Saratoga history with this proclamation:

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