Ian Flanigan, the County/Americana-style singer from Saugerties told WGNA on Monday morning that he always packs his bags well in advance of the vote-off show on the The Voice.   At 30, Flanigan knows that in this industry, life comes at you fast.  He told us it's not because he feels defeated, he says it's because, "I don't want to pack (my bags) at 3 in the morning for a 5AM flight!"  We were surprised to hear that the The Voice sends it's losing contestants home as quickly as they do, and Flanigan doubled down adding, "Oh yeah, we're gone....that's how it goes!"

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Tonight at 8PM on NBC's The Voice, Ian Flanigan finds himself one voting round away from making it to the show's big finale next week.  It's a massive accomplishment considering how many thousands of quality singers auditioned and didn't even make it onto the show.


The finals are well within reach, and according to a betting site that lists odds on high profile pop-culture events and shows,  Flanigan has emerged as what they would consider the top 2 or 3 favorites to win the entire show.

GoldDerby.com lists him at #1 on a power ranking of the final 9. "Ian has cruised through each round of the competition with ease," they wrote.  Justifying their pick even further, the odds site added that his "raspy vocals are unmistakable and he’s got a unique star quality that no coach will deny."

We agree, and feel pretty confident that he can unpack his bag for at least one more week.

To vote for Ian Flanigan tonight, click here.  The results will be aired on Tuesday night at 8PM on NBC.


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