Wedding proposals at sporting events have become a very prevalent thing recently. Some would argue that they've become over-done, but that's not why we're here today.

We're here because something rare happened during an in-game proposal in New York last night. The setting was UBS Arena, the recently-opened home of the Islanders, and the new crown jewel of Elmont, New York. The Islanders were playing their home opener against the Florida Panthers, but honestly, the game feels as though it's taken a back seat to what you're about to watch next.

A young New York Islanders' fan bent down to one knee, reached for an engagement ring, and that's precisely when disaster struck.

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Watch This New York Islanders' In-Game Proposal Go Horribly Wrong

This story played out in a few parts, all of which unfolded last night on Twitter. It began with a tweet from Dan Rosen, who writes for Being the outstanding writer that he is, he took digital pen-to-paper on this tweet:

Oh no! This is horrible news for one New York Islanders' fan. Luckily, however, we live in a society where no one thinks to take out their phone and videotape the most embarrassing moment of a complete stranger's life, right?

Wrong! Here's the first video we found:

Here's another look at the unfolding disaster:

Why not one more! Third time is the charm, after all:

Now, there were some theories floating around on the Internet last night. Some fans believe that the arena may have staged this stunt to create a viral moment, and for the sake of those involved, I hope they're right.

If it wasn't staged, then not only was this a disaster, but it was an expensive one, too. Twitter user @gthompson021 found a snippet from the Islanders' website, saying that every in-arena proposal must be met with a $500 fee before the proceedings can begin.

I'm not sure who these people are, but if they were legitimate in their attempt, and refusal, to propose at last night's New York Islanders' game, then they'll go down in history for all of the wrong reasons.

That said, if this show of devastation curbs the amount of in-arena proposals a bit, maybe it's not that bad of a loss, after all!

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