As of today, New Yorkers can apply for assistance under a new rent relief program.

2020 has not been the easiest year, for anyone. Financially, it's been a year of extreme difficulty for many.  However, $100 million in federal funds have been set aside to help those with rental assistance that were impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to where I originally saw this, those that are eligible will receive a one-time subsidy that goes straight to the landlord, that doesn't need to be paid back.

The program is through Homes and Community Renewal, and one of the main qualifiers is having had to pay over 30% of your income towards rent.  There must have been lost income during a certain time period (so if you were furloughed, laid off, etc), and households are prioritized. If you are in need or think you could qualify, you can apply here.

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