Our New York State Troopers are playing dress-up in the hopes of busting speeders and reckless drivers throughout New York.

It's called "Operation Hardhat." State Troopers will don a hard hat and construction orange vest to blend in with highway workers looking for speeders and vehicles not following the state's "move over" law. Operation Hardhat, an initiative by Governor Cuomo meant to keep road construction workers safe, is an ongoing plan during construction season in New York.

In his statement about Operation Hardhat Governor Cuomo said, "Our first responders and highway workers are out every day for one reason - to ensure the rest of us can get where we need to go safely, please use common sense and put away smartphones, slow down and move over for those working on our roads. Those who drive recklessly and endanger others will be held accountable."

This isn't the first time the New York State Troopers have done this. Last year Troopers conducted 28 separate details in work zones starting in August and continuing through early November. A total of 1,048 tickets were issued, including 493 for speeding, 92 for cell phone use, and 72 violations of New York's Move Over law.

Aside from catching violators, State Police say the effort has been successful in just making drivers more aware and getting them to comply with traffic and safety laws.

Don't forget that fines in a construction zone are doubled so speeding or failing to move over could get very expensive.

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