On a day where as many as 10,000 protesters peacefully rallied in Troy on behalf of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matters movement, a tense moment developed between the Troy Police and some suspicious individuals in military style clothing.  It was later discovered that the men were armed.

According to the Times Union, Troy Police responded with their SWAT units and armored vehicle after they received a tip about the group of men circulating in downtown Troy as an otherwise peaceful protest was happening.

At approximately 5PM on Sunday, Fulton County Area News videographer Ryan Lorey arrived at 6th Avenue near the City Garage in Troy while the incident was unfolding.  Lorey filmed as  SWAT teams were shouting orders at the suspicious group. 

The "suspicious" group, armed with handguns and outfitted in military-style fatigues, were corralled by Troy Police and were following instructions as they were ordered.  One by one, in the video shot by Ryan Lorey of Fulton County Area News, the group of men surrendered to police without incident. The men slowly walked across the street with their hands up, as the Troy SWAT team kept their weapons drawn, pointing directly at the suspects. At least one of the men apprehended was in the City Garage.

It appeared that there were as many as 8 men taken into custody.

It is being reported by the Times Union, that the individuals in question did possess handguns, but it was not know immediately whether or not they were legally obtained.

It is also being reported that 3 of the their vehicles were seized as part of the investigation.

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