It's looking doubtful that most large crowd festivals, concerts, and yes State and County Fairs will happen this year. It'a bummer. Summer and fall are supposed to be full of events to get you out of the house and making memories. Unfortunately, it looks like 2020 has a different plan.

Although no official decision has been made yet about the newly expanded 18-day New York State Fair officials are weighing the options for this year's event. The fair is scheduled to start on August 21st.

The most obvious issue is the mass gathering of people at the State Fair in Syracuse. You have thousands of people gathered in one place over more than two weeks. It's the perfect breeding ground for the coronavirus according to the article on Public health experts have been warning against large social gatherings like fairs and concerts for most of 2020.

When you think about a typical state fair, it's crowded, people are shoulder to shoulder walking the Midway with their kids looking for a fair ride that will make them scream. You're touching railings, picnic tables, people, animal cages, food, and money. Tons of cash money changing hands. Obviously, major cleaning and sterilizing would have to be a top priority to keep the fair safe for fair workers and the public. How do you do that at such a huge event over so many days? That's what the state fair officials have to figure out before the first deep-fried twinkie on a stick is sold.

At this point, the Great New York State Fair is still on and scheduled for August 21st through September 7th. If it opens as scheduled, will you take your family this year?

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