If you're still looking for a costume this year, grab three of your friends because there's now a Golden Girls costume!

One of the most classic television shows of all time is the Golden Girls. You honestly can't get a better cast than Betty White, Rue McClanahan, Bea Arthur, and Estelle Getty. It's stood the test of time and even loved by people who were born after the show even came out!

Target has jumped on the popularity and will have a 'Golden Girls' costume for you and three of your friends, according to Bustle. Each costume is a little less than $70 but come with a bunch of accessories and you can get a pack of all four wigs for about $80. The hard part isn't deciding if you want it, it's deciding whether you're more a Rose, a Dorothy, a Blanche, or a Sophia.

I haven't seen them in stores and they're selling out quickly online so grab them if you can!

Toynk's "Golden Girls" Halloween Costumes. Credit: Target
Toynk's "Golden Girls" Halloween Costumes. Credit: Target

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