Firefighters were responding to a call in Buffalo, New York, and were in the midst of performing their heroic duties, when they noticed something was missing. It wasn't a hose, nor a ladder; it was their fire truck.

Somehow, the truck had vanished from the scene while the blaze was being contained, and no one knew where it could've gone.

Luckily, it was later discovered a short distance from its original location, and the culprit was apprehended from there. The second part of the story has now been told, as the driver has officially been indicted.

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Upstate NY Man Takes Firetruck on Joy Ride in Buffalo, Gets Caught

As reported in a story by ABC News 10 in Albany, a grand jury has indicted a Buffalo man for stealing a fire truck and taking it on a joyride. The truck was parked on Main Street’s 500 block in July of this year, as a four-man crew responded to a call.

They returned to the street to find something big and red was no longer parked in the street. As it turned out, the truck had been stolen by 25-year old Yassin A. Abdikadir, who proceeded to drive it only one mile down the road, to an area near Delaware Avenue and Allen Street.

WGRZ in Buffalo explains more in their news story on the arrest:

During the course of his joy ride, the suspect reportedly hit multiple parked cars sitting on the road. He also allegedly triggered a fire extinguisher in the vicinity of the fire truck once it was parked, based on the smoke that was seen around it after it was re-discovered.

Abdikadir was arrested, and indicted for his crimes on Tuesday, October 18th. Here are the charges he left with:

  • grand larceny in the second degree
  • criminal possession of stolen property in the second degree
  • criminal mischief in the second degree
  • obstructing emergency medical services (misdemeanor)

If convicted, he can face a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison, per the report from ABC. I sure hope the few minutes of glory was worth it, because he's about to pay the price.

He played with fire, and now, he's getting burned.

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